Pot Polls

By Cori Petersen

In the one month since The 24 put this poll up, it has garnered over 300 votes with an overwhelming bias towards allowing dispensaries to continue to operate. Other such polls on the internet reflect similar results.

Poll SHOULD Weed be Legal 2015-02-14 10:05:06

In an earlier story “Truth in the Tweets”, I noted that when a 50/50 split on this subject is reported, I cringe, because the above numbers look a lot closer to what I imagine is the truth. It may be somewhere in the middle, but until mainstream reports less skewed results, we may have to decide what the truth really is for ourselves.

Polls run by mainstream media organizations are suspect from scratch… any reader doubting that fact need only recall either of Ron Paul’s recent runs for the U.S. Presidency (https://www.youtube.com/).

Prior to the age of the internet, news organizations could count on slanted stories—and leading poll questions—to get almost any result they desired in “public opinion” polls… but this is no longer true. In 2003, before the major news networks had adjusted to this new reality—and newly-awakened, internet-savvy public—CNN ran a week of badly slanted stories claiming all sorts of horrible consequences if Cannabis were to be legalized, but they then made a mistake and ran an honest-to-goodness real poll… and got 92%FOR legalization! (http://www.marijuana.com/).

There is more support for this movement than ever before. Let’s not get lost in the glory of it all, remember it is up to each and every one of us to create a future that is as fair and equitable as possible. Action is needed at this point like no other before it, complacency has no place if we want a better life.

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