Former Nightclub Rakes in Real Green

By Cori Petersen

(FEB 13) on what can only be assumed was a tip from the local “Dial-a-Snitch” line… which the authorities quoted in this story piously urge readers to contact. World Cannabis on the other hand, urges you to use the numbers at the end of this story to engage in conversations with those in the UK regarding the medicinal use of Cannabis.

 Wired MEN club WEED RAID

With the scale of Cannabis found in this raid, many people suffering from disease could have found comfort and even healing, as well as a myriad of other less obvious medical value of the recreational use.

Click here for Raid Video.

It is understandable that to the current authorities in the UK this is positive accomplishment, however education and access to this herb leads to a much better future for everyone.

With pride, Inspector Richie Watts from Warrington Town Neighborhood Policing Unit said: “This was a significant find and fortunately, we have been able to put a stop to it. Over 1,600 Cannabis plants of varying stages of growth have been recovered from inside the premises. This is a great result as we believe that these drugs could well have been destined for the streets of Warrington or further afield.

This is an extremely large cannabis factory, and we estimate the street value of all of the plants is approximately £1.5 million [or $2.8 million (CDN)], which could generate a potential annual income of over £6 million [(CDN) $11.5 million].”

To those who know the whole plant value, this is a tragedy. That an environment has been cultivated to encourage the underground market, even prosper vicariously via enlarged police forces and agencies is not a victory.

Two youths, as well as two men, ages 48 and 34, are being held in custody after being arrested on this matter.


INSP Watts adds: “We know what negative impact illegal drug use and supply can have on the community and it is an issue we take extremely seriously. Members of the public can rest assured that our efforts in this area will continue.”

You, the reader, are encouraged to take action, feel free to call the Cheshire Constabulary to start a discussion +44 151 424 7431 or their Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Do you agree that current Cannabis use and supply are bad? Share how you believe things could be different… access… education….

Changing attitudes, learning and communicating is where change happens.