Trip-C offers Work for Those in Need

By Cori Petersen

Before coming to Vancouver it was typical to find an “opportunity pack” in a display of Trip-C wares down south. Every Friday and Saturday evening there would be a display at a local tavern in Washington State. The package deals was aimed at those who just love jewelry or for one to sell.

Helping others has been part of the foundation of Trip-C Art * Media * Jewelry since 2009. During 2008, in order to build brand recognition and advertise I strategically gave away around half of what I made. Not only did it work but it was sustainable and inspired the core principal of Trip-C.

Looking beyond 2016 Trip-C plans to continue giving sick individuals confidence in their therapeutic choices through education and change of Cannabis policy. Promoting centropy  (In thermodynamics, centropy is a entropy antonym-like metaphor type of term posited to refer to energetic tendency for particles of a system to come together in an organized manner).