A View from Inside Cannabis Day 2016

By Cori Petersen

July 1st means many things to many Canadians. Many individuals together protesting unjust Cannabis laws always made it so amazing. Collaborative ownership was the assumed attitude, perhaps not in practice.

Hopefully we all agree that any assault on Jeremiah Vandermeer, Friday was pathetic as well as cruel since Vandermeer’s birthday is on July 1st. Regardless of alleged provocation, it was quite shameful. This act was not orchestrated nor condoned by the World Cannabis staff.

Key to understanding is where the conflict stems from, and it’s from the end of an intimate relationship. Manipulation and lies spewed while the last throws of passion for one another died. Imagine your worst break up, all the words exchanged and feelings changed over time.

“During conversation, I [Cori Petersen] was directly told that falsehoods and exaggerations happened, yet fear and work motivated the individual to not retract statements made… also received a hand written thank you note stuffed with compensation for my support of World Cannabis when a compensated volunteer position evaporated due to said support. Regarding best practices in these circles ‘ones who act like nothing happened [after having horrible things said about them] are the ones who do the best.’ The call was a real eye-opener.”

Likely we agree that not everyone has good judgement all the time. We make mistakes, and Robert Moore of World Cannabis is not immune. His staff’s been honest and direct whenever possible on the subject. Do we desire to better ourselves as well as assist others on their own betterment journey? Again yes in theory, but perhaps not in practice.

To be clear without prejudice, please know that the individual(s) known as the Lesbian Strippers Club are an independent group who have been present at World Cannabis events but are not a part of WC. We aren’t sponsoring each-other also we do not share agendas, staff, funds or viewpoints. Staff at World Cannabis have appreciated their support as well as their presence and are not responsible for their actions.

The time an alleged assault of Mr. Vandermeer happened, differ so wildly starting with 5am then 7am and finally 9am. Did World Cannabis representatives or the police prevent Cannabis Culture from setting up? (Timestamped 9:19 am) Jodie Emery tweets that the police told them not to set-up, the fist time or when directed to set-up contiguous to the demonstration already in progress.

Unfortunately past Cannabis day events always appeared to have an element of surprise, by that I mean it has consistently had the appearance of last minute organization, maybe this is a misconception.

Please research, ask questions and employ critical thinking on everything you think you know the past, present and future Cannabis community. Investigate, and remember that opinions are only thoughts and they can be changed. Suggestions, solutions or ways to connect are welcomed feedback.

“I don’t know what we should do, although I do believe we can help all those involved to evolve through quality communication.”