Sunset Beach Trashed After 4/20 Party

By Cori Petersen

Writers for World Cannabis  made every attempt to get an official quote from someone on the Parks board as to what the exact meaning was when they said the bill would be over 93K. Would that be just for clean up or did the mean that with their total added to other costs incurred it would be over 93? By the time of this publication, the parks board supplied a general reply promptly, it was much appreciated.


Unfortunately the estimate will not be ready for several weeks. The Parks Board told World Cannabis today that due to shrubbery and of all things, the grass being trampled resulting in needed rehabilitation, the estimate on cost would be delayed until that assessment  had been done.

Response from the Park Board

In the Vancouver Sun last April 20th as well on CKNW in a later article, a representative of Cannabis Culture was quoted as saying that 20K had been raised to cover costs of the event was a bit confusing. The event cost over $20,000 to produce and no money could or would be accepted by the City, since it has always been an unconscionable event due to the protest nature of it. They said that it was true that the event had become of a more “mainstream event” than a protest, he went on to say. “We hold a number of meetings with the city and we, the organizers, have agreed to take on all of the costs associated with security, fencing, port-o-potties, first aid booths, and walkie talkies. We coordinate and communicate with the city and police regularly.”

Some older activists have been heard to say that they were congregating and demonstrating their dissatisfaction with the Cannabis laws in Victory Square, (site of original Courthouse) since the mid 1970’s. Two years after the organization known as Cannabis Culture got involved the proceedings were moved to the Art Gallery, current site of the Law Complex and “old-new”Courthouse. Nothing much is publicised as to the reason for this or that the history of it stretches further back than 20 years.

Consider what one is getting into when it becomes a sanction-able event and the power that the Parks Board or the City have once you get a permit.
Cgkm7cFUgAEcrZE“If it’s soaking wet and unplayable – what we call ‘unplayable for sports teams’ – we can close the facility, if we had to. Probably wouldn’t have been that bad, we could have maybe put something more down on the grass, but based on the conditions yesterday, probably the best it could be for this field.” Howard Norman the Director of Parks Operations stated.

Norman was thankful that the weather cooperated so nicely for their event.


“If it was pouring rain, and it would have been muddy, it could have been like a Woodstock, too as far as the mud, right? But it was fairly hot, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been if it was soaking wet.”

CgkgopHU8AEjQWR (1)Causing nine members of the Parks Board staff to be required to pick up the garbage the day after an event could really hurt your bottom line, and even cause resentment. Looking back it seemed when the event was held at the Art Gallery the organizers were dilligent in the clean up effort. In fact the group referred to as the “420 splinter” that chose to remain at the Art Gallery – creating an “Us vs Them” atmosphere which some decided to ignore by visiting both – swept up the square and street that the protest was held in.

When these new legislations come into effect, the protest will not be necessary or exploitable. One wonders the shape a “Women’s Grow Event” in Canada will look like with recreational Cannabis use legal?