World Cannabis on CKNW 4/19

By Cori Petersen

Host of The Lynda Steele Show  on CKNW News Talk 980, has requested an interview at 2pm tomorrow April 19th, 2016. Live afternoons from 2-6pm since September, 2015. In order to answer questions anyone may have, you are encouraged to call in just after 2pm Tuesday afternoon.

Lynda Steele Show on CKNW 2pm on 419

Recently commissioned to host Steele on Your Side, revoving around her advocacy journalism. The half hour show grew from a consumer segment that began with a look at Air Canada and its policy which refused to refund the woman whose husband had died in the airport, just hours before their flight was set to depart.

Contacting us at 10am this Monday morning, we at World Cannabis appreciate that Lynda Steele has taken an interest in this protest. Listen online to The Lynda Stele Show at the top of the 2 o’clock hour.