Once Famed Cannabis Lawyer is Facing More Disciplinary Action

By Cori Petersen

Brian McAllister once gained popularity in 2003 for temporarily getting Cannabis possession laws struck down. During the appeal process, McAllister successfully convinced a Superior Court judge to acquit a Kingsville teen. He did this by arguing that the laws regarding possession had been rendered invalid in the landmark case of an epileptic man named Terry Parker that began the Medical Cannabis program in Canada.

At the time McAllister was regarded as a Canadian hero. For almost half a year activists and patients across the country rejoiced as they lit up in front of courthouses and in public en-mass like never before.

The possession laws were only in question and ultimately the Ontario Court of Appeal would rule against this action and uphold the possession laws.

A side note, it is quite disheartening go back 13 years to read reports of the time proclaiming that the Liberals’ impending new pot “decrim” legislation would surly overturn these court decisions.

For several infractions the Windsor lawyer is set to face a disciplinary hearing on Friday this week. At this time the law society holding McAllister to task will not divulge what amends he might be required to make or what it punishment might be imposed upon him.

Mr. McAllister supposedly breached an agreement to only practise the law with supervision of an approved mentor of the Law Society of Upper Canada. The governing body of lawyers accuses him of not adhering to the agreement made in 2012 to be supervised, and regardless of his license to practise law being suspended in 2013

Additionally the law society claimes that McAllister has not co-operated and failed to “promptly and completely respond to communications” from both the complaint and investigations department.