Winnipeg Mobile Dispensary Owner Faces Four Counts of Trafficking

By Cori Petersen

Wednesday in Northern Winnipeg near Fraser’s Grove Park on Henderson Highway an investigation into a non-licensed mobile Cannabis dispensary resulted in the arrest of a 53 year old man. Advertising for said service was observed downtown and in Winnipeg’s West End.

It appears the estimated price in Manitoba is on par with the three decade long unaffected $10 a gram for dried flower, however the price of “Cannabis resin” is estimated quite a bit higher than other metropolitan areas. It was reported that the man had 166 grams of dried Cannabis thus an estimated street value of $1,660.

In the case of the nine grams of extracts the authorities ascribed an estimated street value of $720 making it a whopping $80 a gram. Admittedly the price for decent hash, buddar or shatter has traditionally been in the $50-$80 range a recent move to put patients above profits has moved the price down towards the $30-$50 zone.

Tools for the mans business like packaging materials, electronic devices and of course all the product have been confiscated leaving the Manitoba man with hefty charges. Four counts of trafficking Cannabis, and Cannabis resin, possession of Cannabis for the purpose of trafficking and possessing the proceeds of property obtained by crime.

Released on his own reconnaissance, pledging to appear in court later. It is unconfirmed if the dispensary was for medical purposes and checking for need or not, however it is assumed that compassionate reasons will be his defence.