City of Victoria asks Dispensary to Remove “Happy Hour” Sign

By Cori Petersen

VANCOUVER ISLAND – The City of Victoria has asked Omar Manji, director of Remedy Medicinals to remove the ‘Happy Hour’ advertisement. The message however is not the issue, the sidewalk sandwich board does not conform to city guidelines regarding such sign-age.

When asked if the ‘Happy Hour’ sign might send the wrong message, Omar expressed that he did not think it did and that it is a standard practice in California for many years.


“All it means is that at certain hours of the day, they can come in and get their medication — edible or joint — for just a fraction cheaper,” said Omar.

“My slogan here is we dispense relief and happiness 420 hours a month,” he said.

The sign has to be reviewed to fit the sign permit rules, and Mr. Manji has promised the sign will return once he has gained the proper permit to display it.

“We are trying to dispense relief to our patients,” he said. The atmosphere may engender a good time and have discounts that lure new patients in the door, however this does not diminish their professionalism Manji proclaimed.