Immediate Warning Labels for all Cannabis Products: Vote Tomorrow

By Cori Petersen

With legislation in Illinois up for a vote on Monday, Rep. Dwight Kay has declared the goal to treat medicinal Cannabis like other prescription drugs. He proposes warning labels to inform patients about the possible adverse effects. Education is a positive thing, yet one wonders how that message will be researched… in fact many patients and professionals alike are questioning the move as well as the road ahead.

If passed, Cannabis for medical use would be required to carry a warning to patients regarding unwanted effects in legislation set forth by the Republican lawmaker.

While Kay says he’d like to see warnings about possible drowsiness or impaired driving and affects on pregnancy… the actual bill up for a House Committee vote on the 4th does not list any specifics on the warnings, leaving it all up to the Illinois Health Department.

Though Kay remains opposed to the four-year pilot program that ushered in medical Cannabis commerce in November of 2015, he is sure of its staying power. In fact Rep. Dwight Kay’s call for immediate labelling is a show of his confidence that the program will become permanent.