Trudeau Hitting the Slopes, Not Hitting the Bong Yet

By Cori Petersen

Canadians Cannabis users must be wondering if Trudeau has ever been properly educated regarding Bud? Not that readers of World Cannabis need to be told that Cannabis-Sativa is a non-toxic plant that brings new life to soil in between other crops, but it also yields more biomass per unit than any other plant we currently use for fibres or fuel.Celluslose comparison of Hemp to corn and wheat2016-03-03 10:35:06

Would these concerns which the Prime Minister is focusing on at Vancouver’s biennial Globe conference on clean technology be that far off if the newest battlefield of prohibition where not being razed against the small business owner?

“Last year, for example, was the most successful year ever for renewable energy investment, with almost $350 billion invested worldwide. Nearly half of that was invested in the U.S. and China alone. But on that measure, Canada has fallen behind.”

Yesterday a reporter asked Trudeau why his time at the conference will likely not produce a consensus about how the conversation will go forward and what does it say regarding his leadership?

“Canadians have made some strides already, but we have a lot of work to do to become the global leaders we ought to be,” Trudeau said.

Is putting the squeeze on over 150+ small businesses inside the city limits of Vancouver alone, the right way to make strides for Canadians? More over does Trudeau consider all Dispensary owners or employees criminals that do not deserve to work in the industry because they are currently breaking the law?

The Vancouver City Council certainly gives the impression that Cannabis shops are to be all but eliminated from the cityscape if they get their way.

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Justin Trudeau has proclaimed his actions are in the best interest of the Canadian youth, that access to Cannabis must be regulated for the safety of young people. How dangerous does the Liberal government believe Cannabis really is? What level of bio-hazard must they imagine the herb possesses to act like this?

toxicity of Cannabis vs Other substances

Doesn’t the current government understand that hitting Bong is no more risky than hitting the Slopes in terms of potential harm to ones body? Perhaps the viral growth of black market sales will be the dark reflection need to show how off base the current Federal and Provincial governments direction is… but will it be then too late to turn the regulatory scheme around?