“I Think Decriminalization is a Bad Idea” Says Trudeau of Marijuana

By Cori Petersen

This morning half way through a 15 minute interview on CKNW the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated that Cannabis laws have not changed yet and that it is still illegal. He has to repeat this, why? With the amount of shops popping up across the country the concept that it is maybe legal is hard to fight.

The demonisation of a non toxic plant is unfathomable to those who grow and use it. Yet decorative house plants of the most noxious variety are barely warned against and accepted into society everywhere. The hypocritical nature of government which is supposedly look out for our best interest should certainly care that the plants in our house be non toxic, but they don’t. They sanction all kinds of exotic deadly plants to be sold anywhere a business wants to, because consumers demand them as decoration.

From hearing what the Prime Minister had to say this morning it would appear that the fear-mongering over this plant is alive and well. If there were that many gun runners and organized criminal enterprises to spring forth this many unique dispensaries, what does that say about the population of Canada? If you go into these establishments you will find ordinary folks running them, and they are different from one place to the next. They are not supplied by the same people either.

A transition or amnesty period does not seem likely for the Canadian people, and it is a shame. Hearing what Justin Trudeau made this activists blood boil a bit so forgive the tone, but his words may have made more than a few residents of BC angry.