Legalization is on its Way, but is it Trudeau?

By Cori Petersen

Recently reported by CKNW and Georgia Straight Shoppers Drugs and London Drug Mart are the newest to queue up for pending legal Cannabis sales in Canada. But what does that mean? How will it happen? And what is Trudeau waiting for?

In Ontario Kathleen Wynne reasserts her belief that weed and liquor are a great pairing. This comes as a surprise to those who’ve kicked a habit with alcohol have no desire to be forced to tread past shelves of it to purchase their Cannabis. Wynne however does draw the line at medicinal use of the plant and endorses only the placement of recreational Cannabis in the LCBO.

Two months before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected, he spoke in Vancouver about the Liberal governments approach to Cannabis. The time for discussion about amnesty for Cannabis charges seems to have become a bit stale as new charges, RAIDS and planned busts arise daily across Canada.

The love affair with Trudeau may not be over, however it could be souring. Each day that goes by without word from the Liberal camp is a day that speculation and concern run rampant. Having what many would concern a large issue facing many citizens of this nation, fall almost dead last on the health ministers agenda turns a lot of stomachs.

For any entity large, small or otherwise to get a piece of the green pie Canada must first interpret the recent medical case ruling of “Allard v HMTQ” where the newly formed Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations that only allowed for patients to receive their Cannabis via a mail-order only scheme.

Many activists are questioning the future and their place in it. What is the next step, road or cause to drive after? Thoughts… please comment below and join the conversation.