Fire at the BC Pain Society – Deroche

By Cori Petersen

Posted around 1pm today on Bob Woolsey‘s page the Director of the Deroche BC Pain Soceity Compassion CLUB. “Closed due to fire after 10 pm last night…still no confirmed cause but we wonder?”

Back in November of 2015 the BC Pain Society of Deroche Weed Warriors were mistreated by the police and World Cannabis reported twice on the event and subsequent rally.

Our sincere condolences goes out to Mr. Woolsey and his staff for the most recent and very unfortunate event. It is hoped deeply that the days of compassionate dispensing are not over for them.


The Compassion CLUB‘s facebook had this to say Tuesday morning. 2“FEBRUARY 8th sometime after ten pm the residence behind our club burnt up pretty good…we have no power lots of water and smoke damage…so it pains us to say we will be closed for the coming days while we sort this mess out…..”


At the time of this publishing. Mr. Woosley was unavailable for a comment.

Again as this story develops, we will update and keep you posted.