Good Weeds Lounge Raided in Toronto

By Cori Petersen

Chris and Erin Goodwin’s, Good Weeds Lounge at 940 Danforth Ave was raided by police mid-day, yesterday the 21st of January by six drug squad officers. As of this publication the Goodwin couple are awaiting a bail hearing in Old City Hall, Toronto.

The Lounge opened just four short weeks ago, and was covered by Daily VICE just ten days ago. “Testing Weed Rules” was the name of the segment. The stance of opening back up has already been expressed to the delight of Cannabis activists.

Don Briere, co-owner of nearly 20 various Weeds outlets nationwide, is working to coordinate the release of Chris and Erin as well as seeking updates.

“We’ve got people looking at getting them out with a lawyer as soon as possible,” Briere said.

Good Weeds Lounge Storefront

It is estimated that there are around half a million Medical-Cannabis users over the age of 25 in Canada, less than 7% are signed up with Health Canada to access the Cannabis through one of the 27 approved Licensed Producers (LP’;s). Leaving more than half going to the black market supply where the best quality is rumoured to be and the remaining 100,000 – 200,000 patients turning to the illegal Dispensaries.

Jamie Shaw president of the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries as well as others who spoke at the Vancouver City Hall hearings regarding regulating Medical Cannabis storefronts expressed the med-pot system “needs to be fixed.”

“If you can prove that there’s a better model for patients, and the public at large, than dispensaries, then great we would have to look at that and support that,” Ms. Shaw said, who also works for Canada’s oldest dispensary based in Vancouver.

With lobby groups like the operators of the Canopy Growth Corp. and Tweed Marijuana Inc. pressuring the federal government to eliminate Cannabis dispensaries that are cropping up all over the country, one wonders if raids like the one at Good Weeds Lounge are being encouraged due to the influence of the lobby group. Instead, they say that the regulated, licensed firms already in the medical field should be the first ones able to provide Cannabis to recreational users.

Mainly MP Bill Blair, the former Toronto police chief recently appointed by Trudeau, has been targeted along with the top Liberal officials who are tasked with devising a plan to legalize Cannabis in Canada.

The aim of the LP lobby group is to avoid a “wild west” scenario like the US. Newsflash Canada is already there. It may flabbergast some people that the debate whether or not Cannabis should be legalized still rages on and like it or not the “DRUG WAR” is getting its kicks in, albeit its last kicks. Lets hope society and laws can see we just want to be free and so does Cannabis.

“This is what a free society is about. … You ought to have the final say on your life and the drug war is just simply incompatible with a free society. It’s a war against peaceful people. It’s about some people imposing their conclusions upon others by force.”

Marc Victor in a debate against Bill Montgomery

Check back for updates on Chris and Erin Goodwin.

Chris Goodwin on Daily VICE