BC Pain Weed Warriors Mistreated

On Thursday Evening The 26th Of November, Chuck Varabioff Posted That An Apparent Raid On The Deroche Location Of BCPS Was Taking Place. Breaking The Story Shortly Thereafter On World Cannabis, Garnered Responses From Both Chuck And Bob Woolsey With In The Day.

Mr. Woolsey and his associates are newly minted victims in a Drug War that has claimed lives, ruined countless more and eliminated more opportunity than one may knew ever existed. In a string of heartache going back to the 1920’s Cannabis activists in Chilliwack, BC are the newest members of this sad club.

Not only was treatment and conditions during detainment shoddy at best, the RCMP took it upon themselves to “cripple” power to the Woolsey’ home after doubt and aspersions were cast. In a comment from Mr. Woolsey direct to World Cannabis via the breaking story, he reported that no charges were laid and that he had safely returned to a stone cold home and the following to say:

“...we're not very happy with the treatment we have received based on some more nonsense about shatter & heresay and pic[t]ures/comments on FACEBOOK...they obtained a series of warrants from a BURNABY justice.....hmmmmm??”

Leaving some scratching their heads over geographic location and agency jurisdiction.


The typical stance of defiance in the face of unjust Cannabis law is being taken by BC Pain Society Deroche, it plans on reopening and Mr. Woolsey claims that, “procedures for patient intake are an open book transparency at work….we will OPEN AGAIN!”

Response on FaceBook witnessed since the news broke has been one of disappointment in the Liberal Government’s lag time to announce any steps towards lifting restrictions on Cannabis, some outrage and plenty of compassion. From others, offers of a warm place to stay, to fear of what patients will do over the Holidays, that may have come to count on safe access to medicine in Deroche.

One patient said, “Argh this makes me angry! Your medicine helps my pain... I stand by you and really appreciate what you stand for... you are great people and [I] will see you soon!”

One can almost feel the disgust for the last kicks that the RCMP have to deliver and love at the same time, in the comment above.

Most recent reports come from a phone interview conducted by “The One Man Smoke Show” Freddie Pritchard, who posted about it shortly before 4pm today on FaceBook.

"Store is presently closed, all product and cash was seized. They cut off their hydro, so no well water either, and 2 people served 8 hours in jail. Also there 2 vehicles were seized."

More details are expected tomorrow night when Pritchard does a LIVE three hour show on his YouTube channel, every Sunday at 6 pm PST.

 Return to World Cannabis soon for more updates as this situation develops in the coming days.