Blue Angel’s Coming Soon to the Vancouver Flea Market

By Cori Petersen

Based out of Mission, British Columbia, Capt’n Dave stocks a number or artisan products, chief among them are his lotions which have far reaching benefits. Appearing at several events this year, Capt’n Dave has found a recurring home at the Vancouver Flea Market on Terminal Avenue. Lotions currently available feature the “50 shades of Pink” variety which boasts many degrees of colour saturation. Some customers swear by only one shade, while others love the individuality within a single product line.

Besides living up to product promises and having truth in their advertising, Capt’n Dave has a philosophy behind his products which truly reaches beyond pure consumerism. Offering work which brings dignity, hope, and pride is the first benefit from the underlying mission. An additional way that Capt’n Dave’s products improve lives, is raise awareness as well as funds for families in need of life-changing Cannabis therapy, specifically those searching for anti-epileptic properties such as those found in “Hayley’s Comet.”

The lotions are made by hand and labeled by hand. This is done by Hayley Rose herself or other needy persons. Giving them pride that they have a job and receive a monetary amount for their efforts. When you purchase a Capt’n Dave product, that product is made with the sole purpose of helping the Hayley Rose Foundation acquire funds for helping other families in need. I promise you the public, my lotions are clinically tested for the cannabis CBD’s and THC… We pride ourselves in offering you lotions, that are made honestly… we have integrity.”

Blue Angel's coming soon to Vancouver Flea Market!

Recently Capt’n Dave and the Hayley Rose Foundation have teamed up to man booth #123 at the Vancouver Flea Market every week-end and holiday until Spring 2016. Their stock includes, various soaps, lotions, tee-shirts, exotic houseplants. Also available is a wealth of information on Cannabis therapy. Soaps can vary due to supply but can include, but are not be limited to, “Hemp Oil Bar” two-toned round (AquariusAroma), “Wake & Bake” with invigorating coffee grounds for ex-foliation, and “Buds and Suds” that is all the novelty it promises being infused with essence of both Cannabis and Beer, (ECHO Creations). All products have met industry standards regarding THC levels and are approved for sale at the Flea Market.

Fifty Shades of Pink, 50Shades.

Blue Angel is the newest line of lotion to hit the shelves in mid-November 2015. This cool, crisp infused lotion is creamy but not too heavy having finished product testing just in time for the winter season. All lotions offered have a great consistency that many novice artisans find hard to achieve. Suspending the ideal ratio of ingredients in a cohesive base can mystify the most seasoned of pharmacy technicians. When jar after jar is uniform with the one before it there clearly is no mystery for Capt’n Dave.

With the rate that Capt’n Dave has been able to support those seeking to support themselves, committing to and meeting goals in addition to simply showing up, there will be many great things on the horizon for the Hayley Rose Foundation and those associated with Capt’n Dave.

Another delicious derivation of lotion is set to arrive in Spring 2016, to find out about that variety you’ll just have to watch for more news from their camp on the matter. LikeCapt’n Dave’s FaceBook page as well as the Hayley Rose Foundation to keep up on the latest scoop.