Compassionate Act for Cassie Campbell

Featured here in the archives of World Cannabis, one activist in Vancouver has worked her way into our hearts.


As reported by The Huffington Post in May of 2015: “Cassie Campbell… has cerebral palsy, is deaf and cannot speak, and the iPad was one of her only means of communication…” after an unfortunate theft and altercation at the Metrotown sky-train station. Luckily, no long term damage was done, an arrest was made and a good Samaritan replaced her stolen iPad the same day!

WORLD CANNABIS sends Cassie Campbell to the Harvest Moon Cup.

We at World Cannabis want her to enjoy herself at the Harvest Moon Cup, which takes place this Saturday, the 24th of October… she deserves it. Please note if you are interested, there are ways for you to support Cassie on Facebook, or contact us at 1-888-856-2526 for more details regarding suggested donation varieties.

Keep showing up, Miss. Campbell… you are loved.

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Jerry Martin and Cassie Campbell after recent scooter donation.