14 Days for 13 Dispensaries to Cease Operations: Conservative Death Rattle


By Cori Petersen

When the City of Vancouver’s city council voted June, 24th this year to regulate Medical Cannabis store fronts, supposedly becoming the first city in Canada to do so, the conservative government officials responded with “outrage,condemning the City for going forward with legislation of something the federal government considers to be illegal operations. Not letting their displeasure end there, Health Canada (HC) and the Federal government have set their sights on the Cannabis community.

Health Canada Warning Letter to DispensariesOn Wednesday September, 11th in an interview with CBC, a spokesperson for HC told the news outlet the following:

“…to the Minister of Health’s announcement on August 1, 2015, the department took steps to pro-actively monitor all forms of marijuana advertising and promotion… On September 9, 2015, the department (Office of Medical Cannabis) sent 13 letters to organizations who were found to be illegally advertising the sale of marijuana. The letters require that all advertising activities with marijuana cease. If continued non-compliance is identified, the Department may refer the case to law enforcement agencies for appropriate action.”

Close up of Warning letter from HC missing signature and printed name

Organizations which have acknowledged receiving theses letters are:


Now a revamped site is back up and running, for now the doors are staying open while the days may be numbered, or not with upcoming elections looming closely on the horizon.

Martin Medical Services GO - NO GO picture

Globe and Mail video regarding HC letters sent to 13 dispensaries

Lawyer Kirk Tousaw explains these 13 dispensary owners have been threatened with a prison sentence of up to five years and upwards of  a $2-million fine if they do not halt operations by September 21st, 2015.

Although referring to alcohol prohibition, Mark Thornton, an assistant professor of Economics at Auburn University, has spelled out just what the problem with prohibition is. The following is cited from Cato Policy Analysis No. 157, (Cato Institute – The Cato Institute is an American libertarian think tank head-quartered in Washington, D.C.)

The results of that experiment clearly indicate that it was a miserable failure on all counts. The evidence affirms sound economic theory, which predicts that prohibition of mutually beneficial exchanges is doomed to failure The lessons of Prohibition remain important today. They apply not only to the debate over the war on drugs but also to the mounting efforts to drastically reduce access to alcohol and tobacco and to such issues as censorship and bans on insider trading, abortion, and gambling.”

Clearly prohibition removes a significant source of tax revenue and greatly increases government spending. Additionally a disrespect for the law begins to form around unjust legislation.


Peter McWilliams says it best in Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do, where he lists many effects of Prohibition, #1 on his list:

Prohibition created disrespect for the law.

Between the City of Vancouver making demands on various dispensaries, the Federal government targeting thirteen Cannabis businesses for alleged “advertising,” mainly in Vancouver and Victoria, and raids on a Toronto clubMelanheadz yesterday (Sept. 13th), it is hard to know what the next 15-30 days might bring.


Melanheadz were selling to anyone “over the age of 18”. People were consuming cannabis outside. There was no waiting area really just dispensing as soon as you walk in to anyone...” as reported on social media, by one Lisa Campbell co-host of The Mernahuana Zone (TMZ) with Matt Mernagh, of a neighbouring lounge that does not dispense Cannabis. Erin Goodwin can be heard on a live video streamed on Vapor Central’s channel saying that Melanheadz had been open just over four months.

Abraham Lincoln Quote

During the darkest moments in U.S history in 1929, the Mayor of Berlin, Gustav Boess, had been invited to America by City of New York’s Mayor, James Walker. In order to experience the “Big Apple.” After spending time all over the great state of New York, he asked Mayor Walker: “When is Prohibition going to become law?”

Prohibition had been a law for almost a decade by the time Berlin’s mayor came saw evidence of all kinds of alcohol consumption. It looks like Vancouver will have a similar distinction for Cannabis, if it hasn’t already gotten it long ago.

Quite a few individuals, groups and organizations are convinced that the conservative government is on its way out, in fact the conservative party itself seems to be lashing out and extending any dominance they may have left on this or any other matters. Be aware of the vapours that this dying government may put off. If you have any questions about the letters HC sent, please do not hesitate to contact them at (866) 337-7705 or by email at CMC@hc-sc-gc.ca

Remember to check with Elections Canada to verify you are registered to vote, online registration is available taking registration online up until Tuesday, October 13 at 6:00 p.m.