The Hayley Rose Foundation

By Cori Petersen

The Hayley Rose Foundation was allowed to be first to speak at the City Council meetings on June 10th last Wednesday. Cheryl T. Rose was given time by Cori Petersen to announce that Hayley has been seizure free for over 30 days. The next day having a positive outcome with extracted Cannabis for medical purposes being a big day for Cannabis news, their story and information on the foundation was carried all over the country.

Cheryl started her rationale with support of the movement towards regulation, but with caution. Her daughter is not alone… this disease and those who face it now are not going to have it any easier than she did. The age restrictions are understandable, however severe medical need knows no age limits and such stark restrictions need to be reconsidered.
Expert from her speech that June 10th:

“As defined by many medical professionals, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome or (LGS) not only constitutes a life-long disease, but is one of the most difficult-to-treat forms of epilepsy. The prognosis for individuals with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome varies. There is no cure for the disorder. Complete recovery, including freedom from seizures and normal development, is very unusual.

Doctors observing Hayley have informed me, Cheryl Rose, the mother of Hayley Jade Rose, that once she remained seizure free for 30 days or more it was very important to let others know about Hayley’s success on Cannabis therapy. They stand behind this and will verify my claims.

“During these last 7 years we have assisted  Dr. Paul Hornby (the scientist who tested and found the ‘Hayley’s Comet’ strain), and Dr. Marvin Lemke with the implementation of both oral and inhaled (via vaporizer) protocols into the Vancouver and Prince George Public School System; John Howard Residential Group Home (oral and inhaled); VGH pharmacy approved for in hospital administration (by VGH nurses) for 7 days extracted cannabis capsules and last protocol for John Howard Society Home Share Program with oral and inhaled cannabis.

“Now here we are, 7 years after starting and fine tuning Hayley’s cannabis and medications, she is 32 days seizure free beating both LGS and life threatening catamenial seizures. Also noteworthy, she just turned 22 years old.”

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The is still taking emails regarding this issue, so send your thoughts on this Vancouver Coastal Health’s proposal and the City’s proposal.