Day One and Two of Historic MMAR Trial

The first day met with mild disappointment when organizers and patients were turned away from the court house due to the presence of their medicine on their person. Finding themselves in this situation for the first time attendees were a bit dismayed at a more heavy-handed approach to ingress of individuals into the courtroom.

By Cori Petersen

Beginning statements had concluded by around 10:15 AM, when one Shawn Davey took the stand. The examination of Mr. Davey covered the extent of his injuries, Cannabis use, prescription dosages, daily activities, and more.

During a line of questioning regarding contacting an LP(Large-scale Producer), Mr. Davey interjected; “Even at $4 a gram you are looking at $4,000 a month, I can’t do it, bro.”

To begin with, the patient Shawn Davey has no trust in the LP system, and has no interest in procuring it by that method, let alone being able to afford it in that manner.

By process of elimination, the crown asserted that if Mr. Davey ended cultivation, then he would potentially have $2,200 after bills to use towards purchasing his medical Cannabis through a Large-scale Producer (LP). By this math Davey would require an additional $1,800 and have no food, gasoline or other monthly consumables.

In a bold conclusion, Mr. Davey stated that Health Canada was welcome at any time to inspect his growing facility without a warrant.


After a bit, debate broke out over MMAR patient and assistant to Mr. Davey, Brian Alexander’s contribution to the case. The defense asked for “discovery” before allowing evidence to be stated by Mr. Alexander. In the end, Justice Phelan decided that since this was a president-setting constitutional challenge, that Alexander should be heard.

Day two consisted of challenging health constraints. Tanya Beemish, a factual witness for the Plaintiff, has continuing health concerns that are keeping her in a hospital bed.

Arrangements to televise a Skype call from the hospital were feverishly attempted, to no avail. Testimony from her spouse David Hebert was taken today instead.

When asked by the crown about the five to seven strains they had grown, used, and “tested out” White Berry, Blueberry, Purple Kush, Sweet Skunk and Jack Herer were among the ones listed. When probed about the strains efficacy, Mr Hebert responded that Ms. Beemish could always pick out White Berry in any “blind” sampling done.

“It was unique… by the smell of this Cannabis you can tell.” said Hebert.

When Mr. Hebert cultivated this strain, he was able to produce a standardized result that had a consistent product. However, when the White Berry is obtained on the “black market,” there is variation. Being unable to produce White Berry currently, he is forced to accept the variable Cannabis that he finds through not approved channels.

Additionally, Hebert went on to classify the consumption of Cannabis before it is cured through “live juicing” by Ms. Beemish as different than smoking or cooking with it. It is his understanding that THC-A is absorbed through this and she is able to intake a near limitless (expense is the only limit) amount without ill effect, as apposed to de-carboxolated substances that have a definitely small tolerance and could be incapacitating if a large amount were administered.

[Note: accepted science indicates that Mr. Herbert was correct in his testimony… euphoria-producing THC is only produced in significant amounts with the application of heat]

The session ended early, and is to resume Wednesday morning at 9am at 701 W. Georgia, Vancouver. Please come fill the streets, show that Canadian Cannabis patients and consumers CARE!