Word to the Wise… Answer your Phone!

By Cori Petersen

When the phones fell silent at a popular recreation destination roughly 60km southeast of Glasgow it didn’t take long for police to take notice. Earlier this week (Feb 19) around noon, authorities raided a Go-Cart complex finding 182 already yanked plants that were ready for further processing as well as 1.4kg of dried flower, worth an estimated $181,000 CDN.

Just inland from the Scottish coast, the E Motion Karting Centre opened five years ago bringing in the crowds from day one. And that popularity played a key roll when they stopped answering phone calls. Numerous complaints on Facebook and other social media platforms called attention to the fact that customer service had ended at this hot spot.

Glasgow Go Carts

Karen Sallis from Facebook pointed out: “I have been trying to get in touch
via phone, email and messenger for five days with no luck. It’s to rearrange booking for the Groupon deal that runs out on the 15th.”

And Lynn McLean added: “Vouchers bought at Christmas run out today and have been trying to contact you by phone for weeks and never any answer. Can you please reply to this msg! Are you open today as NO answer on phone yet AGAIN.”

Ayr Police simply stated that they received a “tip-off” that the close to half a million dollar venue had halted communication with the public. Upon entering the premises, they found plants basking under heat lamps just a few hundred metres from the kart track as well as a make-shift electricity supply, all of which has been dismantled.

Additionally, two search warrants have been issued one for each boss’s home.

Inspector Sean Mangan stated: “Two warrants were executed, one in Perth and one in Falkirk. No arrests have been made and our inquiries are continuing.”

In 2009, many high hopes were expressed for the opening of this establishment. With a cost of roughly $50 (CDN) per half hour of track time and Internet deals cutting to the quick, the E Motion Karting future could be… up in smoke.