Budding Hopes in New Mexico

By Cori Petersen

Having traveled through New Mexico, I know that it could use some revitalization. Stories of the railroad towns springing to life only to have them die down due to the interstate highway taking cargo from the tracks and on to trucks are legion.

Nearly straddling the border with Texas, several hundred kilometres east of Albuquerque, lies the town of Clovis. The Gonzales family is opening a retail outlet of Budding Hopes, allowing their home delivery business that currently delivers to the eastern part of the state, to begin seeing to a lot more patients needs. “The city of Clovis is under-served” said Mr. Gonzales.

Mario Gonzales owns the farm with his father, who has a background in agriculture. They were licensed in 2010 to begin the delivering of Cannabis.

Only three years earlier, the Lynn and Erin Compassion Use Act of 2007 approved Cannabis use in New Mexico. Some of the conditions covered are as follows: Cancer, Glaucoma, MS, Spinal Cord Injury, HIV+.

“I’m able to see a lot of people, I’m able to hear those stories that say, ‘I’ve been having multiple seizures a year and since I’ve gotten my card I don’t have any,’” said Mr. Gonzales.

“We were blessed to be one of the first non-profit producers to have a complete application. My father has a strong agricultural background in ranching, as well as a large scale tomato greenhouse operation. I have a strong understanding of the specialized care that cannabis requires to attain the medical grade,” said Gonzales.

Both law enforcement and the city officials do not for see any trouble going forward, as these establishments have to go through rigorous screening and certifications. All licenses and requirements have been met.

The outlook for patients, Cannabis and the economy are looking up in eastern New Mexico and especially for this, one of only a few producers in the State.