What’s up with the Pot Doc?

By Cori Petersen

Video from CBS:

Making quite a splash on CBS This Morning, the new and youngest ever U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy stated that he thought “marijuana can be helpful.” His remarks created optimism for many Cannabis activists the world over.

Dr. Murthy took over the position in mid-December 2014, after it had been formally vacant for over a year. Today’s interview was focused on vaccinations and the measles outbreak. Overshadowing those subjects in the conversation was… Medical-Marijuana.

With a minute to go, the host asks the Surgeon General his position on Cannabis, and when he begins to frame the answer with the current state of affairs, the host pushes to get his viewpoint on the matter.

The 23 states (plus Washington D.C.) which have medical programs and the two that have recreational programs, he deems to be experiments. However, he also says that those places are producing results which need to be examined.

“My position is that we have to see what the science tells us about the efficacy about marijuana, and I think we’re going to get a lot more data on that,” said Murthy.

As restrictions loosen up, more clinics, doctors, and researches will finally be able to do much-needed trails, studies and real experiments. Dr. Murthy went on to say.

“We have some preliminary data showing that, for certain medical conditions and symptoms, that (sic) marijuana can be helpful, and we have to use that data to drive policy making. And I’m very interested to see where that data takes us.”

It has been suggested by the chairman of Marijuana Majority, Tom Angell to Barack Obama that Attorney General Eric Holder should begin the rescheduling of Cannabis from a substance that has not medical value to one that does.

A federal judge in California is already considering the question of removing cannabis from the infamous U.S. Government schedule one list of “medically useless” substances.  See our World Cannabis story on the case here.

“Dr. Murthy’s comments add to a growing consensus in the medical community that marijuana can help people suffering from painful conditions,” Angell said.

As of yet there has been no immediate response to Dr. Murthy’s comments.