Transporter does not stop

By Cori Petersen

In the south-east corner of Louisiana, on the east bank of the Misssippi river today, (Feb 3rd) 79 pounds of Cannabis was discovered, along with 36K in cash and 19 guns in St. Rose. part of the St. Charles Parish. Local authorities were tipped by the DEA that Cannabis might be in transit between Houston and their town by a man, Juan Salinas, aged 20.

Sheriff Greg Champagne stated that two individuals have been arrested due to the tip. Starting with a simple traffic stop that revealed Cannabis in the vehicle of Mr. Salinas, which then allowed investigators to get a search warrant for the home of another individual, one Lance James Cowans, age 36.

It looks like these two didn’t stop with Cannabis, as other illicit substances were found in the raid. While the first pound is not included in the distribution charge, apparently the entire 79 pounds is in the “intent to distribute” charge along with 15 other drug charges, not to mention the stop-sign infraction.

As seen in the proud police picture, the transported Cannabis was packed in a tire, making for fairly interestingly shaped blocks of Cannabis once removed.

The system and laws as they currently are, clearly make for a fertile breeding ground for the black market.