Volunteers get Toasted! Cannabis Rights Coalition Thanks and Encourages Participants

By Cori Petersen

Last night at the Davie Street location of Eden Medicinal Society Lounge in the 1600 block, a “Volunteer Appreciate/Planning Party” took place. Bob Davidson, MC at the Langley events and cheerful supporter put it this way: “…if you want to support this cause you come, smoke your face off, we raise funds for this (Constitutional Challenge) and have a good time…”

As you may or may not know, Medical-Cannabis patients in Canada were suppose to destroy their gardens at the end of March last year. Why?!? Most people ask? Because the Government decided to do away with the almost decade-and-half veteran program, the MMAR (Marihuana Medical Access Regulations), for a new scheme where patients would need to procure their medicine from large-scale producers. No voter approval needed. Meet the new boss MMPR (Mariuhana for Medical Purposes Regulations), nothing like the old boss.

A Coalition of individuals banded together, lead by Jason Wilcox along with legal counsel John Conroy QC to restrain the Federal Government. The defense given by the Government as to why they should continue on with this course of action – they were promised a “captive market.” The Crown went further by implying that those who were in need of this life saving herb should leverage their assets, destroy current supplies and if necessary obtain a mortgage to finance the medicine until the courts could reach a decision. Not good enough, and the Judge knew it.

This group has grown from a handful of organizers and given hope to so many patients. It has united these disparate, unique and inspiring people like no other event or organization has, taking volunteers to new heights and breaking new ground to overgrow.

In the weeks ahead, a ramp up event to kick off a new round of fund raising will take place at the Murrayville Hall in Langley on the 21st of February from6pm – midnight. Time in court does not come cheap….

The case starting February 23, and continuing for 3 weeks will be in Vancouver and is regarding Medical Cannabis Gardens and the MMAR Against Repeal. Please visit the donate and volunteer sections to sign up or support this historic movement. Donate generously.

Like Bob said, good time – good cause!