Pot Friction

By Cori Petersen

Not that it’s really news to those who reside in Vancouver, but it is still making the national headlines, as evident by the release of a new documentary by CBC called “Pot Fiction” that Vancouver is the epicenter of accessible Cannabis. It chronicles the unexpected events experienced by reporter Mark Kelley last fall in Vancouver, BC.

Reported last January by The Province “Pot dispensaries expected to survive; Health Canada: New regulations do not allow storefront or retail distribution of medical marijuana” on the front page. Less than a month after that CTV’sPeter Grainger aired a week long exclusive series comparing and contrasting the current “grey-area” storefront and the governments proposed new scheme of large scale producers.

Media coverage reached a fever pitch when the “Allard Injunction” decision was reached March 21st last year., thanks to the MMAR Coalition Against Repeal. At that time the number of dispensaries hovered around 28-32. Since then the mildew-like growth has not been curbed one bit, with the number dispensaries now hovering around 60-70 and only heading upward.

It is clear that the demand is there, and as Mark Kelley depicts, the ease of access is there too. With so many different storefronts opening up, each one has their own way of qualifying you. And as we see in the video, some are easier than others. While not even on assignment to this subject matter, reporter Mark Kelley was approached by a marketing siren from an up-and-coming chain dispensary to come sign up, and “Pot Fiction” was born.