Dial 420 as well as 911

By Cori Petersen

What if you could dial 420 as well as 911?

Recently reported in the Cannabis Digest was a parent who found themselves under investigation due to the smell of Cannabis on one of them. They are not alone. In fact, part of the reason this reporter finds herself childless is the fear of government involvement in the rearing of my child.

There are so many varied ways that the continuing stigma of Cannabis use can complicate a person’s life. These are unjust laws and many individuals find themselves being civilly disobedient and not observing what is clearly (to us) a human-rights violation. While many in Canada do carry an exemption which is tenuously protected by the Allard Injunction, even travelling a short distance in your home Province risks running afoul of various local ordinances.

This is shaping up to be a long fight. Remember, we haven’t even managed to completely get rid of the lingering illegalities of alcohol prohibition, which was officially repealed in 1932, so even after we win cannabis legalization, how long is it going to take us to convince every little local jurisdiction?

Think I’m kidding about prohibition not being completely gone yet? To quote from Wikipedia: “Despite being the location of a major operational distillery, Jack Daniel’s home county of Moore is a dry county, so the product is not available for consumption at stores or restaurants within the county.[5]” Eighty-two years of alcohol being legal again, and even with the Jack Daniel’s Distillery being the major taxpaying entity within that county, theystill haven’t legalized the sale of whiskey there. We’re in this for the long haul, people… we’ll have to be.

Even more to the point, this reporter’s father drove across North America in 1969, thirty-seven years after prohibition ended, and was not safe to even carry a single bottle of beer in the trunk of his car, because he would have had to pass through multiple jurisdictions where he could have been arrested for the heinous crime of possessing a product legally purchased in one location, and transporting it to another location where he could legally consume it… but not transport it between those two spots.

In America now over 20 states issue some form of medical “permission slip” to have Cannabis and four states have legalized outright.

Even with this advancement, it is no time to rest on our laurels (see above). There are more people than ever in peril because of these unjust laws. What if that parent, who was so desperately looking to their activist friends as resources in advice on how to handle the investigation, could have dialed 420 on their phone an been connected with emergency Canna-help?

When I got the fire in my belly to stand up and make change happen, I looked to those in the movement as my Canna-family and I still do. If done properly and funded by those who want to see this change or kind of service available, imagine the emergency response team that could dispatch to the location of the individuals in harm’s way.

Currently World Cannabis has the following 1.888.856.2526 number that works all over North-America with volunteers lined up to dispense advice and tips.