Celebs see Green!

By Cori Petersen

There are not shortage of celebrities looking to get involved these days. Almost exactly a year ago word of Olympic gold medalist Ross Rebagliati announcing his “medical-marijuana franchise, starting with Whistler location.” Since then, “pot-stars” across Canada have had the choice to step into negotiations with investors in vast array of ventures. And it isn’t stopping there….

The world over, more and more people of influence have joined the ranks of Cannabis allies. One of the newest into the fray has built an empire on her culinary and personal brand. Bethenny Frankle of the “Real housewives of New York” has launched several successful lines of “SkinnyGirl” cocktails, and has now announced a new “SkinnyGirl” Cannabis Strain. Supposedly this strain has been developed to not induce the munchies.

After undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, Melissa Etheridge saw the great potential in the herb. Her personal choice is now one she’d like to share, creating a Cannabis-infused wine. This wine would appear to be active and even for the medical Cannabis community, while it is unclear if the profits are to help or the substance. The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter has other “canna” products and wants to give back to a community that saved her life.

Then there are the Dispensaries that give back to you, well to the Wiz that is. “Black and Yellow” rapper Wiz Khalifa agreed to have a strain popularized by naming it after him. The perk of this for him: FREE WEED! A San Francisco dispensary has given him Cannabis sponsorship and Wiz was reported as “never having to pay for Herb again.”

Not one to keep silent on his love of herb, Kevin Smith a.k.a. Silent Bob, brilliantly branded two Cannabis strains to tie-in with his bizarre Horror film Tusk, even having a laugh when asked by The New York Times about thecross-overmarketing scheme.

Also no strangers to the haze are Snoop Dog (a.k.a. Snoop Lion) and Tommy Chong, each having decades with their heads in the fog. Snoop has partnered with a vaporizer company to offer customers a vaporizer pensporting a map of Long Beach, California, Snoop’s home town.

Tommy Chong has a wipe that will help eliminate the smell of smoke, be it herb or tobacco. Tommy has also reportedly developed his own Cannabis strain, and may have bigger projects on the horizon.

Like, Nice Dreams, Man.