Controversy, Compromise and Cannabis

When the General Assembly returns to action Monday in Atlanta, lawmakers believe they have come down somewhere in the middle on Cannabis oil for individuals with cancer, seizure disorders and, other chronic illnesses.

A Republican Representative, Allen Peake from Macon, Georgia, had suggested a bill that would include in-state growth and subsequent oil production containing low levels of THC, the active psychotropic substance in Cannabis which creates euphoria in the user. However, the official proposal is sans the in-state section, due to it not gaining approval by Republican Gov. Nathan Deal.

This comes after Deal’s State of the State address that expressed his desire to sign a bill legalizing Cannabis oil into law by the end of the year.

Joining masses of other parents on the ropes and on the move to Colorado, parents disappointed by this compromise, took to the highways leading to much greener pastures for their sick children.

Alaina Cloud’s mother Blaine told reporters she was “disheartened and frustrated” yet still encouraged support of Peake.

The one way trip cross country is hard enough, now consider having a substance that while it was obtained legally in one state, now it has become a liability and illegal substance. Not to mention that you are using it to prevent severe, traumatic seizures for your loved one.

“We need to get this bill passed so we can move on to the next fight,” Peake said.

To prevent undue harm or arrest Peake is working on temporary measures to allow life saving Hemp and Cannabis products be transported to Georgia. Recently learning what “regulate” meant when the Federal government decided to step in and make sure commerce kept smooth running between the States, makes a gross and bloated mockery of the initial intention.

“It may just be that it takes someone like me being arrested to show the lunacy of having a product sold legally in one state … but get arrested driving through Kansas,” he said. “You would not believe the number of volunteers who have said ‘I’ll go with you.’”