Outdated Enforcement Redux in Ohio

By Cori Petersen

In the north east corner of Ohio, in Summit County the second largest city Cuyahoga Falls. suffered a dismantling of Cannabis growing operations. Only one person has incurred charges.

On Thursday the 22nd two separate raids were conducted. Charged already is a 36 year old man, while charges for other individuals are pending. Thomas D. Coffman III, is charged with cultivating marijuana as well as illegally assembling items to make drugs, these are both second-degree felonies.

At the first location on the 300 block of Lincoln Avenue 30 mature plants, $2,000 in cash and equipment was seized.

While a larger number where found at the second location on the 200 block of East Bath Road, which included 95 plants total (40 mature plants & 55 “starter” plants). Also a larger amount of cash was taken by authorities, between $8,000 and $10,000.

The saddest part is that under the pernicious doctrine of civil asset forfeiture, it is practically certain that none of the seized money will ever be seen by its formers owners ever again… even if found completely innocent of these “crimes.”

The three separate legalization organizations in Ohio (see our World Cannabis story here)… obviously have their work cut out for them.