Google Business View Review: Inside Denver Kush Club

By Cori Trip-C Petersen

Check out the view

A decade ago, EarthView 3D was given a make-over and relaunched as Google Earth, wowing young and old alike. Many looked up home, to gaze down at a some what pixelated, yet recognizable view of the top of their garage. Some found its implications a bit menacing at best, while others found it liberating. If one knew how to navigate the program, you might be able to show a friend your old stomping grounds or see just how bad your local “dead man’s curve” looks.


Two years later “street view” was launched to a fair bit of media hype. Its ability to help the end user confirm that the the place the were looking up was really the right place, or to recognize it when trying to locate it later, was huge. Personally I’ve done just that. With the cataloging of so many places, things and even people, censorship has been a big question from the start. Anything from license plates to faces, trusted photographers have been capturing images with the least amount of blurring needed. Even some photos from Google Earth required editing (legal Canadian medical grows included in that).

Recently added to the fold is Google Business View where one can now continue right inside the building to see what a business has to offer. A big hit with Hotels upon roll out, but in Denver Colorado adding some Cannabis business’s to the list could put Business View a large tick up.

Until now it has been the medical user, journalists and the lucky residents of Colorado or Washington that have been privy to walking into a Dispensary. Even some glass shops used to be hidden, or maybe you had some stigma of being seen walking out of “one of those shops.” Not anymore!

The ability to move about in each of the two new Cannabis related businesses to joining Business View makes this virtual tour feel very real. Being able to determine what discounts are given and wander into the back room of the Denver Kush Club to peruse the sweatshirt selection made this feature relatable. The ability to determine pipe selection at Long Trail Glass by simply directing the mouse brings a new customer base… and novelty to their patrons. Currently a receipt from one shop gets you 20% off at the other shop.

Remember, this isn’t government surveillance… it’s voluntary publicity, and it can work wonders.