Artist Bio: Cori Petersen


Born in Southern California, Cori Petersen is self-trained, versed in divergent genres such as jewelry design, fabric dyeing, interior design, graphic design and dance. Writing, her first love, developed during a summer college course in creative writing taken at age nine.

Since 2008 Ms. Petersen has contributed half of her efforts in Art, Jewelry and Media creation toward the legalization of Cannabis. The donation of half her proceeds was a founding principal of her business Trip-C Art – Media – Jewelry.


In 2013 she burst onto the Vancouver scene volunteering for many pro-Cannabis organizations, including co-organizer of Rick Simpsons’ visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Looking beyond 2016 Trip-C plans to continue giving sick individuals confidence in their therapeutic choices through education and change of Cannabis policy. Promoting centropy.

Trip C in the 420 National.png

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