Budzilla RAID

What seems to be yet another case of misuse of force on Tuesday the 2nd of September 2014 at 2267 Kingsway, site of Budzilla’s Bakery. In a situation that is hardly an emergency, excessive response is again being felt in the Cannabis community. In a prepared statement VPD said:

The products comprised of dry marijuana and THC-infused edibles, including candy and cookies. The appearance and packaging of many of these items could be potentially very appealing to children. Drugs were allegedly being sold to virtually anyone that walked in the door, regardless of whether they had a license from Health Canada to possess marijuana or not.
Customers and staff inside the store were identified and released without charge pending further investigation.
The VPD will continue to respond to any complaints about illegal marijuana use and sales, and take incremental steps to decide if further investigation or enforcement action is required. Our priority remains focusing on violent drug traffickers and those who prey on youth and the marginalized in our community.”
It is unclear whether or not charges could be pending for parties involved at this point. An anticipated interview with those running the establishment will take place on Thursday as a day to sleep is needed after sorting things out late into the night Tuesday. Still having “jail funk” on them, rest is required before an interview can happen.
Patients, activists and others have many questions regarding how a plastic bag is catering to youth or if a bakery is violent drug trafficking location? As well as is this really an incremental step or excessive use of force? Another question is… are the complaints valid, or are they motivated by something other than the truth?
While the City and VPD need to answer most of these, hopefully Budzilla can answer the rest on Thursday.